Retrocommissioning is the first step for your Retrofit

Whole building retrofits promise big-time efficiency and financial paybacks. But sometimes you're concerned about a lack of time or money for a comprehensive, systems retrofit approach, or you don't know where to start, or you have no sense of whether or not the payback is there for your particular building.

Retrocommissioning answers three questions

A retrocommissioning study will help you answer three key questions:

  1. What low cost changes can be made now to improve comfort and reliability in my buildings?
  2. Are there some moderate cost upgrades that could help extend the life of the existing equipment and reduce operating costs?
  3. What are the highest priorities for upgrades, what potential benefits can I gain with a more comprehensive retrofit and what is the planning horizon and order of magnitude investment required to gain those benefits?

Use our checklist to help you:

  • Define your RCx project objectives
  • Understand the numbers
  • Make your project a success
  • Look for value

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