Presentations by Cx Associates Team 

Design Phase Commissioning – The Advantage of Quality Assurance Before Construction
February 3, 2016 1:20 pm

Design phase commissioning is more than just a requirement for LEED certification - Design phase commissioning is the foundation of a quality assurance process that aligns a building design with the needs of the building owner / occupants. This presentation outlines and illustrates the essential elements of design phase commissioning and how these elements support the more well-known construction phase commissioning activities. Importantly, the presenters show how design phase commissioning can help project teams manage risk, enhance project delivery, and improve building performance.

Presented by Matt Napolitan and Brent Weigel

Energy Models vs. Reality – Where Did Your Savings Go?
February 4, 2016 9:00 am

Energy models are valuable tools for comparing systems, components, and control strategies. But how do models compare to actual performance once buildings are operational? Learn about common causes for actual savings deviating from modeled projections based on measurement and calibrated modeling of nearly 100 recent commercial and institutional buildings that included energy efficiency upgrades. This presentation will draw from studies of completed buildings to demonstrate lessons learned for design teams, owners, modelers, and efficiency program administrators.

Presented by Jennifer Chiodo and Eveline Killian

The State of the Art – Present Day Building Automation Systems (BAS)
February 4, 2016 1:45 pm

It’s 2015 and hyper-connectivity has become the norm. It’s easy for the everyday professional to lose themselves amidst growing feature sets and new technologies. Sit with Rick Stehmeyer, a 12 year veteran of the controls industry in Vermont and New York City, as we discuss the current landscape of building management systems (BMS) and their offerings from a practical perspective. We’ll explore the dichotomy created by computer systems evolving exponentially over the expected lifespan of a BMS. We’ll also cover how to future-proof your system and avoid red flags hidden from the everyday business owner and design engineer.

Presented by Rick Stehmeyer

Better Than Before – HVAC System Improvements via Engineered Retrofits
February 4, 2016 3:30 pm

HVAC Improvements Using Engineered Retrofit

The inevitable replacement of HVAC equipment opens up opportunities for engineered retrofits that improve system-level HVAC performance. The presenters show how to take a systems-level approach to equipment replacement scenarios to reduce both the first cost and the operating cost of HVAC equipment. The presenters share real-world examples of engineered retrofits of HVAC systems - The example projects illustrate the application of new, higher efficiency HVAC technologies, and how these technologies can enable engineered retrofits of HVAC systems with improved life-cycle performance.

Presented by Matt Napolitan and Brent Weigel